The big/small block analogy does not fit Ford engines at all, they are GM terms, used to describe GM engines.

The Ford OHV V8 Engines are as follows:
Y-Block 239-272-292-312
Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln (MEL)383-430-462
Ford-Edsel (FE) 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, 428
90-Degree V (Windsor) 221-255- 260-289-302 and 351 Windsor
385-Series (Big Block) 429-460
335-Series (Cleveland) 302-351(C and M)- 400

For the sixes:
144-170-200-250 Small, or Falcon Six
240-300 Big six.

To make this even more fun, the 90 Degree Windsor bolt pattern is found on the 240-300 big six, the 250 CI small six, the 351C, and some 400's.
The 429/460 385 bolt pattern is also found on the 351M and 400 335 engines (which, interestingly have the same deck height as the 385 series), and, the 385 series blocks also sport the MEL bolt pattern.